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Join Michael Bottigliero as he explores wineries, breweries, distilleries, restaurants, vacation rental homes and tourist destinations throughout the Great Lakes.

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Go behind the scenes at today's most innovative wineries, breweries and distilleries.

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Great Lakes Great Wines, is a TV series that explores the grape growing areas of the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes wine region is growing fast and starting to come "into its own" much like Napa Valley of the 1960's. The area shares the same earth parallels as places like Bordeaux, France and Tuscany, Italy. With close proximity to large bodies of water, sandy or dry soil and temperate winters and summers, the Great Lakes region is an excellent area for growing outstanding grapes. As well, Midwest grains, herbs and flowers used in beer and spirits making, flourish in the region. Brewmasters, winemakers,distillers either grown their own or source locally; helping to keep agriculture sustainable by green techniques and they build the local economy and provide entertainment and beverages for locals and regional tourists.

Great Lakes Great Wines is slated to air regionally on TV stations throughout the Great Lakes region. For more information about the show or to find out about advertising opportunities please contact us at info@greatlakesgreatwines.com


Recent episodes. You can also watch more on the episodes page.

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